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The Brainspace Specialist Certification is designed for those individuals who are primarily responsible for the data ingestion process into Brainspace. This course will train users on how to manage Datasets, Users, Connectors and perform basic troubleshooting of the Brainspace environment. It is strongly recommended that you first obtain your Brainspace Analyst Certification.

  • The Price of Knowledge

    The Brainspace Specialist Certification costs $400 per person. Brainwaves accepts all major credit cards. Discounts are available to organizations who wish to purchase 10 or more enrollments in advance. Contact or visit our website for more information.

  • 24/7 Access

    This course is offered online and on-demand meaning you can start, stop and continue the course at your own pace within any timezone. Enrollees must complete the course within 90 days.

  • Benefits

    You won't have to leave your desk to take this course and earn your analyst certification. You can avoid travel costs and time away from work. Work around your busy schedule. Get certified today and increase your professional value.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • How to Navigate This Course

    • Certification Process

    • Survey

    • Welcome Survey

  • 2

    Key Terminology

    • Definitions & Terms

  • 3

    Brainspace Architecture

    • Components of Brainspace Architecture

    • Services Tab

    • Supported Browsers

    • Knowledge Check: Brainspace Architecture

  • 4


    • Brainspace Permission Levels

    • Assigning and Removing Datasets

    • Assigning and Removing Users

    • Simulation : Groups, Users and Datasets

  • 5

    Portable Learning

    • Portable Learning

    • Portable Models Interface

    • Downloading & Viewing Models

    • Knowledge Check: Portable Models

  • 6


    • Connectors in Brainspace

    • Available Connectors

    • Managing Connectors

    • Validating Connectors

    • Special Note: Multiple Connectors in Your Environment

    • Knowledge Check: Connectors

  • 7

    Data Preparation

    • Creating Datasets as a Specialist

    • Best Practices & Considerations for Preparing Data

    • Simulation : Configuring a Dataset

  • 8

    Creating a Dataset

    • Dataset Creation Process

    • Add New Dataset

    • Selecting Connectors

    • Mapping Fields

    • Field Mapping Search

    • Configuring Field Settings

    • Previewing Field Mapping

    • Field Mapping Templates

    • Finalizing Build Settings

    • Dataset Build Options

    • Advanced Configuration Settings

    • Simulation: Field Mapping

  • 9

    Monitoring Datasets

    • Monitoring Dataset Progress

    • Deleting and Rebuilding Datasets

    • Knowledge Check: Monitoring Datasets

  • 10

    Tag Management

    • Tagging In Brainspace

    • Managing Tags

    • Connect Tags

    • Simulation : Creating Tags

    • Knowledge Check: Tag Management

  • 11

    Basic Troubleshooting

    • Common Issues

    • Connector Issues

    • Dataset Creation Issues

    • Application Unavailable Issues

    • Field Mapping Templates

    • Knowledge Check: Basic Troubleshooting

  • 12

    Certification Exam

    • Specialist Certification Exam

  • 13

    End of Course Survey

    • Course Success Survey

Certification valid for 12 months

All Brainspace certifications are valid for 12 months.  In order to keep your certification active, you will need to earn Continuing Brainspace Education (CBE) credits.  Brainwaves will soon be offering pre-recorded webinar courses that you can take on-demand to earn CBEs that will ensure your certification remains active.  Stay tuned for more information.


  • $300.00

    Must be completed in 90 Days